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Stage Mist


What is fogging?

Fogging provides a special and unique method of sanitization, as it disperses a fog of very fine disinfectant particles across surfaces or structures, and within confined spaces.  Our sanitizing mist can evenly coat surfaces, settle into hidden crannies, attack airborne microorganisms, and sterilize pathogens upon contact.

Anywhere that droplets from a sneeze or cough can reach, our non-toxic, environmentally friendly, disinfecting fog can follow.

Fogging is extremely effective, especially after a good ol’ fashioned cleaning, as our disinfectant does not readily penetrate large particles of grease or grime, though it will sanitize the surface!  The CDC recommends cleaning prior to disinfecting.


What can we fog?

Entire interior spaces such as restaurants, offices, classrooms, lobbies, residences, healthcare facilities, buses, etc. can be decontaminated without disarrangement of the space.  Exterior gathering places like playgrounds, picnic areas, sports arenas, etc. can be sterilized quickly.


What do YOU do?

-Call us TODAY to get a quote and book your appointment!

-Close all of your windows and doors.

-Turn off all flames and lights.

-Cover (plastic garbage bags are great!) or remove exposed and precious artwork, plants, or advanced technological equipment.

-Ensure that all people and pets have vacated the premises.

-Return in an hour or two (depending on the size and complexity of your facility) and enjoy your disinfected space!

Breathe easier, knowing you and your community are safer.

Our disinfectant

We use a hydrogen-peroxide-based disinfectant which is both non-toxic and environmentally friendly.  It’s just H2O2, or plain water with an extra oxygen molecule.  Once it’s done its job, it breaks down into oxygen and water, so there’s no need to wipe it away or remove it from your surfaces after application. 

Unlike bleach, our disinfectant is kind and non-damaging to the planet, to humans, to pets, and to most materials.  It’s the safest alternative to bleach and other strong cleaners – ours is just as strong, but it breaks down harmlessly.  

Hydrogen peroxide works by destroying the cell walls of pathogens in a process called oxidation.  The oxygen atoms within the compound steal electrons, and with fewer electrons, the pathogens’ cell walls break down, releasing the enzyme catalase, which converts the hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen.  (Read more about hydrogen peroxide as a disinfectant here.)  

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